Slender Man Halloween Costume

Slender-Man-CostumeDespite the fact that the Slenderman started out as an interesting internet meme created for a forum contest, this creepy character has quickly created an entire subculture and, in the process, is fast becoming one of today’s modern urban legends.

In 2009, a forum user, known only as Victor Surge, submitted his entry to a Something Awful. The overall goal of the contest was to edit real photos to include aspects of the supernatural.

While it is certainly true that there were a number of fantastic submissions, the Slenderman myth really took off and went viral within a matter of months.

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Who is the Slenderman

The Slenderman is generally described as being extremely tall and slim. He (It) is also said to possess unnaturally long arms that he often uses to capture his intended victims. The Slender Man always wear a dark suit similar to those worn by a businessman. A white shirt is often remembered as is a matching black tie.

Perhaps the most striking thing about his appearance is his face. Those that have reported seeing one describe it as being white, and almost featureless. Popular myth also indicates that he has the ability to teleport which perhaps explains how he is so easily able to escape undetected even when seen in crowds.

Slender Man Halloween CostumeSlenderman Costume

As interest in this supernatural creations continues to increase, more and more people have been asking for a quality Slender Man Halloween costume. Of course, this only makes since seeing as how Halloween has always been linked to paranormal activities and urban legends.

The cool thing is that we can actually buy these outfits ready to wear out of the box without having to try and make our own. My personal favorite is made by Morphsuits.

This sensational one piece bodysuit comes in a wide range of sizes designed with your overall comfort in mind. Unlike many replicas, you can actually see and breathe easily while wearing it.

What’s more, if absolutely necessary, you can even drink while wearing it; although I would not recommend it seeing as how the face is white.

Slender Man MaskSlenderman Mask

Of course, you may not need the entire suit this year; particularly if you already own a dark colored business suit.

In that case, all you really need is one of these spectacular masks. Made from the same, ultra comfortable material as the bodysuits depicted above, you won’t have any issues while wearing this awesome accessory.

What’s more, as this mask is plain white, it is extremely versatile and can be worn on any number of occasions including office parties, Halloween, and even sporting events.

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Real Life Urban Legend – The Slenderman

Regardless of where or not you actually believe in this supernatural creature, one thing is certain; a Slender Man Halloween costume is definitely one of the more popular ideas this Halloween season!